Sip n' Stir Coffee House

Location: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Specialty:  Ube Supreme Ensaymada

                   Pan de Coco 

Born from a whole lot of passion and persistence, Grace Romulo created Sip n' Stir Coffee House with no training in the art of baking. Not even the basics! Everything was self taught and practiced to perfection, from the proofing to the techniques, Grace learned it all by herself. Formerly an Aesthetic Nurse with her own clinic, she experienced difficult times during the pandemic and had to close it down. Thankfully, when one door closes, another one opens! Baking is now her partner and all her efforts have been rewarded! The team tried her famous Ube Supreme Ensaymadas and Pan de Coco and they are GOOD.

Review: Ube Supreme Ensaymada
These babies are moist and chewy! Not too dense and yet not too airy, they're just right. You get the home-y taste of the classic ensaymada plus the pinoy ube and cheese favorites in one bite! These don't skimp on the ingredients, they don't just have the smell of ube but the taste as well. The bread itself had a nice chewy and soft texture that makes it hard to stop eating to be honest. And the cherry on top would be... the cheese toppings! We love that Grace added a whole bunch of cheese so everyone's cheese cravings are satisfied! (We absolutely hate it when pastries lack cheese) 
Review: Pan de Coco

Sip and Stir's Pan de Cocos are chewy, it is a bit more on the denser side (which we personally prefer) making it quite a hearty snack! We enjoyed that the coconut filling was just right and enough for the entire bread. Our favorite thing about it is the texture of the bread, it's chewiness makes munching so satisfying and you would most probably go for a second one. All in all, we loved it and recommend pairing the Pan de Coco with a cup of black coffee!


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Facebook: @sipnstircoffee

Contact Number: (+63) 942 426 9321 / (+63) 929 951 6839


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